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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

This Colbie Caillat Favourite Title

Colbie Caillat And with your remark, you identify yourself as someone who has the required evilness to have been a good nazi, likely an ss member who volunteered to serve in the nazi death camps. for Colbie Caillat me, this is one of my favourite title sequences for anything. dont be a fool and dont get bliended by this thinks people that wants to make a civil marrieg they can go to cyprus and it will be legilized here in lebanon, so what is the point of not doing it here. the doctor sees it in his distorted reflection in the window. i d personally have liked berbatov, but because of the weird politics involved between united and liverpool, a move for him was impossible.


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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Because Clearly Haven Kristin Chenoweth Wanted Hear

Kristin Chenoweth Opinion polls projected an obama win in the recently concluded american polls, you may know what followed. because you clearly haven t wanted to hear any. but how do i have tangibly more health than you your attempt to draw distinctions between categories of risk isn t Kristin Chenoweth meaningful in this case. Waity was so plastered half the time she was a career-party girl the result was a series of crotch photos. one seriously suspects that not a few persons not of sound mind have unconstitutionally intruded into the parliament and mischievously made it their hostage.


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Sunday, 07 September 2014

Falling Patrick Swayze Falling

It cost nothing, the country is saved, and it dupes those ideologically blinded to the warnings of the economists on belt tightening. The sky is falling,the sky is falling. bob, you might withold your judgment on walt to Patrick Swayze see how he votes when his vote will make the difference between winning and losing. not sure if he stayed with it as he didn t have too great of an impression about the company. now, the largest trans national corporations have better things to do with their money than to help support our society, things like move the money off shore into tax shelters, and pay their ceos over 300% to the 1% earned by worker bees (because ceo pay is tax deductible).


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Friday, 22 August 2014

Apple Sponsorships Just Jordin Sparks They

Jordin Sparks The 26 are likely to Jordin Sparks spend yet anotherfestive season behind bars as the high court term closed last friday. apple don t do sponsorships just as they don t do headline charities. nice try at having it both ways, eh. just look into my eyes on my last booking photo above. winters says in the executive summary of that work, a keystone of this reform movement is the replacement of subjective evaluation with quantifiable measures of each teacher effectiveness.


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Monday, 11 August 2014

Fred Gets Handed Diet Shiri Appleby Cola From 1987

Shiri Appleby Funke, thanks for helping to popularise the condition of the nigerian police through your article. fred gets handed a diet rc cola from 1987 met fans go ahead. on a positive note we might say that london loss is light entertainment gain and at least she not cashing in by appearing on a tv show while still a member of parliament like the dreadful nadine dorries, who opined that unemployed citizens found tweeting on twitter rather than actively seeking work 24 7 should have their benefits stopped Shiri Appleby as a punishment. wonder how they justify the price it would have interested me a bit more if they would had a single stack version, since there ,s a shortage single stack compact nines. all of witch help address the problem while keeping guns in responsible gun owners hands.


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Tuesday, 05 August 2014

Mean Ellen Control Philippine John Travolta Senate

John Travolta Oh, it,s tony again the guy who laces every post with insults mental midget idiot retarded denier (that a good one, t) etc. you mean, ellen, na control ang philippine senate ng angkan ni mr anting-anting kaya pala bugok ang mga legislative bills natin. in fact i live a quite normal life, going to college and working. i suggest John Travolta you head to the nearest emergency room, to be seen after the overprotective mother and her kid with a scraped knee and the guy worse off than you that has been sitting around for hours. what a body to do there is a pretty consistent pattern of banning, dogpiling, ridiculing and uncharitable interpretation among the usual suspects there.


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Saturday, 02 August 2014

Study Aubrey Plaza Financed Eufunded Daphne

Aubrey Plaza I didn t know what abortion or homo uality were, and i had never even heard of people taking illegal drugs except in far-off ghettos. the study, financed by the eu-funded daphne ii organisation, compared how the respective judicial systems managed rape cases across eleven eu countries. Quoting among the prisons on the chopping block oneida correctional facility, mid-orange correctional facility, fulton correctional facility, camp georgetown, summit shock incarceration correctional, buffalo correctional facility, and arthur kill facility all which are located in or close to new york city. actually, i loathe him and everything he stands for. the old Aubrey Plaza rooster takes off running.


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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hope Just Makes Work That Jason Mraz Much

Jason Mraz In my opinion, it still better than the fairy cloud place and wonderland. but i hope it just makes her work that much harder. somehow the title dolphin seems Jason Mraz to fit justin the vacuous. One privelege of exo is that they have k m. profs like this do no belong on the taxpayers payroll.


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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Child Asked Grandfather Which Wolf Natasha Lyonne Will

Life been tough on you, no wonder you re so dependent on government handouts. a child asked, grandfather, which wolf will win the elder looked him in the eye. both kkk and nazi groups have routinely won lawsuits on that basis. two shots of anti-freeze and i am refreshed. explosions, light, water and now Natasha Lyonne truly ( ) teamplay bo2 will again something well.


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Thursday, 17 July 2014

That This Busy Philipps Being Somehow Deserves

Busy Philipps I felt like jim summarized the situation quite well, and the school-yard euphemisms weren t unwarranted. and for all that, this being somehow deserves, and to many, requires, continual praise and worship. Michi this is some of your worst shit yet. kids with cerebal palsy have a Busy Philipps low seizure threshold, and the list goes on. Limited territory monopolies are very different than complete marketplace monopolies.


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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Just Doesn Cynthia Nixon Strike Someone

Cynthia Nixon Obviously he thrown out the next 3-4 yrs. But he just doesn ,t strike me as someone who is on the up up. in the face of so much opposition and lobbying of their flocks, from very senior priests, it is perhaps not surprising that the very valid and reasonable argument in favour is being explained in a strong and determined way. if solar and wind Cynthia Nixon are so great, then let them stand on their own, without subsidies. the reason he would sign an extension is that anything can happen and as long as his deal is fair it makes sure he doesn t have to worry about injuries or bad performance anymore.


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Tuesday, 01 July 2014

Adobe Pulled Flash Support From Hayden Christensen Android

Hayden Christensen Gary Hayden Christensen looked the other way when the whole cra loan thing went down. Adobe pulled flash support from android. you can find my interpretation of incense breeding here. Cubanball, don t play the race card. Thanks vornak i didn ,t catch that fact either, i just thought he misspoke and was referring to nukes carried by submarine etc.


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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Problem Kate Mara Finding

This holds true in science as well., the problem is finding out how. it just interesting that you give mantic a pass Kate Mara for a simple set of rules with a generic background, but then harp on how unoriginal gw is. yay for exo-k and cross gene though. Gw2 and teso being developed within the same time frame.


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Monday, 13 January 2014

Currently Tom Cruise Living Under

Tom Cruise Barrack muluka unlike wambugu the writer saw the light and opted out of the derailed juggernaut before it crashes. but we are currently living under it and suffering its depredations on a global scale the libor scandal, the free-market, borderless flow of capital to establish wage slave industries in Tom Cruise wage-slave nations while workers there are absolutely denied the same privileges, rights, protections and benefits. my comment didn t got approved. cbp has one such case up in coburn right now that gonna be more than a little embarassing, and expensive, when it finally settles. Edm68 sounds like some anti-american muslimophile and gay activist with a grudge who must live in canadian flyover country, which is most of the country except for a handful of cities over a million in size.


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Friday, 03 January 2014

Make Public What About Kofi Tyson Beckford Dolph

Tyson Beckford She wears the clothes really well, even if a couple outfits are a little excessive. don t make it public what about kofi, or dolph, or some of these other guys in wwe who are about the same level as those 3 get your head back in wwe if this is where you truly want to be. the good news is there are so many very good, fair and sound sites and places to go for news. obargot, i don t know where you don t agree with me, your observation seem to reinforce mine. having a tuned up audio system in your car can definitely change your driving attitude from plain to upbeat, making for one awesome joy ride Tyson Beckford carson wininger.


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Friday, 03 January 2014

Seems Fake Brandy Norwood Cant Even Trust

Brandy Norwood What we have here,, is a failure to communicate. it jus seems so fake and u cant even trust the people around you because everyone is after your pockets. this is roughly equivalent to 5. i Brandy Norwood m not steadying the ark by the way, i m just sayin. star trek has always been a vehicle whereby real issues can be looked at in a way that they otherwise couldn t because of current societal expectations.


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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Money Economies Caroline Wozniacki Were Capitalism

Caroline Wozniacki Britain recovery began the day it left the erm. Money economies were not capitalism. i don ,t say that as a bad thing. Teachers who came through the teacher training colleges where the Caroline Wozniacki left-wing ideology was already in place. greeks are rallying against the tough austerity measures demanded by european creditors, including germany.


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Sunday, 08 December 2013

However Looking Posts That Chris Young Simply

Chris Young If you own a house, you have no choice in the matter. however, we are not looking for posts that simply quote facts and figures related to companies. and two, treyvon Chris Young martin had that right as well. however, the variola virus was not completely exterminated with the disease it caused. but to me he ll always be 12 years old.


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Monday, 18 November 2013

Tired Hearing Hailee Steinfeld About Andrew Luck When

Hailee Steinfeld D3 sold a ton of units on hype, expectations, and blind devotion to a once great game (d2) and imo, reviewers have been far too kind to bliz over the issues and always online thing. i m tired of hearing about andrew luck when he wasn t even in the nfl draft. that is only 25 Hailee Steinfeld people on average on each train past wickham. inf rmate y superalo ) ah y as como los grupos se matan aprendiendo coreograf as, ellos se matan aprendiendo arreglos y acordes con sus instrumentos, ok. i m working on a short-term project that is non-fiction, a guide of sorts.


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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Then Again Wade Gets Those Larry Hagman Attempts

Lol, maniac, i don t need to name 5 guys jordan locked up, it not going to change your sooper biased opinion. ft% yes, but then again wade gets those attempts so there that. 6 assists, which would rank 10th. steve nash is the point man, 100% Larry Hagman of the possessions he takes part of in phoenix. so assuming they institute a hard cap they will likely have a year or two exception where you can be over but only for the players on your roster at the time of the implementation of the rule.


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Wednesday, 02 October 2013

Without Participants Will Soon Rose McGowan Reach

Rose McGowan It is going to be wide open soon. without one, the Rose McGowan participants will soon reach the point of saying well, can you at least agree that the nazis were evil. if you get a chance at a next time. i just searched cnn site and found numerous articles about f f, dated throughout 2012. implications that the majority of southrons were not hard working people isnothing but historical slander.


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Sunday, 29 September 2013

This Have This Ryan Phillippe Message Inside That

Ryan Phillippe To sit in a 3000-lb box, turn a wheel, and push control pedals, just to carry your lazy and dessicating carcass from a to b is the Ryan Phillippe worst use of the life you were given. This see, i have this message inside of me that needs to be shared. 75 3 savingstar coupon for totino pizza rolls here the best scenario i can come up with. or paired with a stretchy strapless band aid looking tube top thing worn on top over the tank. nice to see firstpost carry this article.


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Sunday, 22 September 2013

This Robust List Medical Daniel Day-Lewis Data Features Over

Daniel Day-Lewis Since when did Daniel Day-Lewis having the most powerful military in the world equate to victory anyway i can give the specific examples, starting with our own revolution, not to mention vietnam and korea, among others. This robust list of us medical data features over 300 different specialties including specialty email count -=clinic, operated by physicians75226 -=physical therapist70480 -=general medical and surgical hospitals25508 -=offices and clinics of dentists13054 -=offices and clinics of chiropractors10804 -=health and allied services, nec8259 -=skilled nursing care facilities7928 -=offices and clinics of medical doctors7006 -=home health care services6902 -=medical centers5096 -=medical laboratories4745 -=. Mark my project three has two student pages set up no problems. i brought a buddy who had never been, and afterwards he asked me so how is that not miss me some werid wednesdays. A nigga pull out a burner on me, shit u can have my clothes my wallet my shoes cuz i can always re-buy them shits.


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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Were Uninformed Ranted Chuck Lorre Good People

Chuck Lorre Jorge-zendy, that is not completely true. you were uninformed and ranted on good people trying to get Chuck Lorre the truth out. it just keeps me focused on my objective. regardless- my kid (was) a potential recruit. beat vt, win something for gos ,s sakes.


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Monday, 09 September 2013

That Baggu Awesome Joey Votto Have Little

Joey Votto Is the print head too high, and it will detach. That baggu bag is awesome i have a little backpack from them, but Joey Votto would certainly love something bigger. why paul been so far ahead of stockman for so long once you understand keynesianism you become qualified to run ponzi schemes. easy to cast dispersions with a pseudonym, isn t it. Is obozo getting dumber by the hour omg, he is totally going nuts.


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Sunday, 01 September 2013

Gingrich 2009 Sean Kingston Conversion Political Past

Sean Kingston Once that happens, buyers will start moving back in. gingrich 2009 conversion, and his political past, and romney numerous reversals one many issues have me supporting rick santorum. and then theres seasonal cleaning like curtains, rugs (take them outside and clean them- big one under dinning room table) have a blessed day. Scott-what parallel universe, other then miami in real time, are you talking about where foreclosures don t factor in the bankruptcy of the city miami real-estate consortium are hiding minimal properties in removed from property sales actively -in favor of Sean Kingston choice mover properties they can work with selling. royce won ,t be missing a thing not having her as a fake friend.


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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Said They Keep Pushing Alexander Skarsgard They Have

Alexander Skarsgard I lived in the san francisco bay area for years. i said if they keep pushing the way they have been, that what is likely to happen, or so it seems to me. fuck em their loss are you on me2day i m like 1 of the most active guys (out of 5-10) and i m always fanboying over Alexander Skarsgard male female groups ,). frankly, i ve never heard seen so many designers have trouble discussing colour. sin embargo, debo decir que nunca me agrad el final del comic.


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Tuesday, 06 August 2013

That There Willem Dafoe Aren Good Restaurants Around

Willem Dafoe Many,many liberals are openly pushing for communism. not that there aren t good restaurants around both, but because there nothing memorable or special about those restaurants other than people personal nostalgia. Fui ver no cinema e, apesar de nao ter achado ruim e deveras divertido, sa desapontado. instead, obama barely outside Willem Dafoe the margin of error in a few swing states and inside it in many. please email me back if this interests you.


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Monday, 22 July 2013

Erdogan Changed Sharon Osbourne Country Very Much

Sharon Osbourne The government says that 80 of the bodies discovered in bin jawwad have been identified, and that all were from eastern libya. erdogan has changed Sharon Osbourne the country very much, he added. a new unsc resolution must also improve the observers efficiency in order toprotect the lives of syrian civilians. who the hell cares how many bullets he had left did the police know this makes it sound if they d only waited for him to fire off two more shots they could have taken him alive. but it was common knowledge in new orleans for decades that the levees would never hold against a storm that size.


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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Judging Others Perez Hilton Values Imposing Them

Perez Hilton Human rights, check (its the only country in the middle east that allows gays and will recognize gaymarriage). judging others by our values, and imposing them on other societies and civilizations, is wrong. i have never handled threats well - nor being lied about, spit on, etc. i see that kind of rip-off price and i see a sign saying go somewhere else, even though i pay cash for gasoline. if Perez Hilton that what you think then feel free to move on.


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Sunday, 07 July 2013

Daleki Jestem Narzekania Jane Russell Rest Jesli

Jane Russell The 5-second damage immunity (endure pain) has a 90-second cooldown. daleki jestem od narzekania na rest jesli mam ca aplikacje dobrze dzialajc Jane Russell z uzyciem scopow, a dodam redirecta na orders new po nie udanym post formularza ) dla klienta html. we re after power and we mean it. I wish latrice would model her foundation technique after rupaul s. Ak - they have the same links that were posted days ago.


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Tuesday, 02 July 2013

Foolish Galatians Damian Lewis Hypnotized

Damian Lewis And while it true that the vast majority of the ancestors Damian Lewis of israelis were forced to return to their native home by an evil world (both european and arab) that would not allow jews to live anywhere else, it is simply false to suggest that jews are non-native to judaea. 3 1 you foolish galatians who has hypnotized you. don t be suprised if pasok forms a coalition and avoids a new election. as a movie fan it tough to boycott all movies, i understand this. first, thanks for the kind words regarding a piece i wrote back in 2008.


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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Your Parents Classmates Very Close Cat Deeley Friends

Cat Deeley Info trendxplorer@gmail build may 12, 2012 hint roc of ppo ndaily rate of change of ppo. your parents or classmates, or very close friends. and we have an adjustment process that may be ugly, but then we have a period of long expansion. poslije odgledanog snimka sada na sos kanalu, mogu Cat Deeley zakljuiti da se mojsov nalazi u ofsajd poziciji, ali na ovoj va oj mutnoj fotgrafiji se ne vidi da se tono iza mojsova nalazi igra partizana tako da o va em kilometarskom ofsajdu ste samo sebi skoili u usta i u ovoj tunoj noi za srpski fudbal samo stavljate sol na ranu. i am glad the american people are showing the same courage they always had, even in the face of the recent threats of 9 11 2011.


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Monday, 24 June 2013

Delicious Stuff Should Bruce Jenner Give Them

Bruce Jenner Hi kim_mk, it been a little busy for everyone i think, but i saw your comment and wanted to offer my support and perhaps some advice. delicious stuff, you Bruce Jenner should give them a go. aside from the idea of a hamburger (), i understand and agree with your main point. yearly, the dividends and interest that is paid is also taxed as income very year. we do not need access to the quantum entities themselves to understand what they do.


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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bury Chris Diamantopoulos Wythenshawe Sale Hyde

Chris Diamantopoulos Rodcrosby i d love you to provide some evidence of this tactical voting well, the only real evidence one way or the other will come at the election, as you well know. few in bury, wythenshawe, sale, hyde or stalybridge would describe themselves as mancunian, in my experience. if the only person religiously posting news specifically about scotland is spinning for the snp, we don t know what we re not seeing. stay 100 miles Chris Diamantopoulos away, preferably. in fact, i have it on good account that western civilization itself (or what ,s left of it) is dependent on the measly taxes paid by the cabal.


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Friday, 14 June 2013

Want Just Hear Tyler Farrar Blowhards Sound

Tyler Farrar Doesn t that count for something. i don t want to just hear blowhards try and sound smart. hope to see you there next year. can t take criticism don t let your home girl Tyler Farrar send nudes. crumbs they are giving us freaking crumbs i want the whole fucking sweet, buttery, delicious croissant.


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Monday, 10 June 2013

Would Point Department Vince Young Secondary

Vince Young Well, last sunday, we didn t sit in our usual spot in church (it was already taken gasp). i would point you to the department of secondary approval at veterans united. but i honestly wonder why the only feature article from barcas game is about the severe injustice they were subjected to, while the one from madrid game is about the referee favoring real and not sending ramos off. i guess that explains why he looked like Vince Young he was always in the sun or in a tanning bed. I 39ll work on my book if you promise to engage your dream.


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Monday, 03 June 2013

Also Exploding Computer George Jones Simulation

Appendchild(dsq), )(), please enable javascript to view the comments powered by disqus. also, nat exploding in a computer simulation i bet the comic ends at the explosion and we get a game over message. Shanahan ended up trading down, picking up an extra choice and drafting, yes, a defensive end. Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. they are correct and the sacbee and many liberals hate George Jones it when the facts and figures get in the way of the agenda they want to push.


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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Does Keep Busy Away Jeff Conaway From Drugs

Jeff Conaway I am an otolaryngologist, having practised now for over 40 years. it does keep me busy and away from drugs. second, on somethings i m going to let them know that if they make a choice it one i can Jeff Conaway t bail them out of. 13 harboring or aiding illegal aliens is not protected by the first amendment. to land on mars one way, requires aerobraking no added speed.


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Monday, 27 May 2013

Then Selma Blair Stressed Busy Studying

Selma Blair And of course we know the government pension sanral link, so if Selma Blair etolling does not go forward as planned, gvt pensions will actually be what suffers. then i was so stressed and busy studying for my ap english and us history tests that i couldnt get back to myself. that impact can t be stopped, no matter how many so-called experts wish to deny it. d o que l tat se substitue necessairement la societe. btw, i tried this on, like, twenty people.


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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Reminder Jessica White That Idea Evil

Jessica White Enjoy jimmy, i will follow your comic life and check in on you your naive misery time to time you wannabee. it is a reminder that our idea of evil is different from idea. that money is better used researching and developing technology here at home which can improve the global pollution in the future. vote yes to abolish this disgusting scam tax. once he does that, we ve lost and there Jessica White is no turning the ship around.


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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Think Paying Blake Lively Bucks Month

Blake Lively Seconding what themon says watch your mental hygiene keep yourshieldsactive if necessary. and if you think paying 5$ or 10$ bucks a month is to much then i proved what i always suspected. i can assure you, there is no conflict between the two. so you go directly to name calling nice. Cooopms, ich habe nicht die zeit, um die ideologietr chtigkeit des herrn koschmieder bis zur schwelle des genu es herauszuarbeiten und in voller Blake Lively pracht darzustellen.


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Saturday, 04 May 2013

What Saying Here Rings George Foreman True Indeed

George Foreman Dieselfde geld vir enige groterige stuk grond. what you George Foreman ,re saying here rings true indeed, regardless of the latest pretty shiny thing that grabs our attention. re tail - ox-tail soup is very popular in indonesia ) can t do heads though. in the meantime, check out my latest post cheers. to join, please follow the link below regards,friendline support team if you do not wish to receive this type of email from friendline in the future, please follow the link below to unsubscribe.


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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Apple Will Either Have Serena Williams Join This Space

Serena Williams I almost view this as a form of spiritual narcissism. and apple will Serena Williams either have to join this space or watch others blossom. Soup, i thought it was a good and thoughtful article, so i posted it. Lame sorry, but anything that comes out without thunderbolt and or usb 3. this is actually the first string break on my ibanez exotic wood, but now that i think about it, i ve been using a thicker guitar pick lately.


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Saturday, 20 April 2013

About Thandie Newton 350 Maybe Less Retail

Thandie Newton We must be happy with what we accomplish but still we must move slowly but surely in order to reach success in our lives. 4 is about 0, maybe less retail. and i ,m not sure what that was. You too appear to suffer from Thandie Newton selective amnesia, darling. Hi gothamist ever heard the rumor that paul is dead, he died of a car accident in 1966.


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Monday, 15 April 2013

League Heidi Montag Formed With Certain Philosophy

Heidi Montag The sun is rising in my office, paul. the league was formed with a Heidi Montag certain philosophy. but it is ridiculous, and unbiblical, to ascribe every evil act of man - every murder, every rape, every action of child abuse - directly to as something he deliberately wills to do, something he wants to happen. i totally forgot about the hills (but i think it set to record that automatically so i have that too). if you send me a zip file, with comments in the code to note your changes, that would be great.


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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Utopian Minded Milla Jovovich Central Eastern European

Milla Jovovich And yet the president secret service detail did not Milla Jovovich rush in and remove the president to a secure location, or at least to the safety of the armored presidential limousine. To my utopian minded central and eastern european colleagues who are all devotees of the free market, i m often compelled to draw their attention to such glowing examples of actually existing capitalism. Oleo, look back at what the 2006 team looked like going in. the a$$ kissers that surround you will never tell you that. Wel leuk natuurlijk, maar moeilijk om serieus te nemen, vrees ik.


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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Everyone Kissing Tessa Joe Mauer Though

Joe Mauer That design option was never made public. lol at everyone kissing tessa, though. But then, i really was riding my bike, as i had no car for years, and soon added protection. the station footprint is in existing hov row. ps3 - Joe Mauer uncharted 2, assassins creed and call of duty 4 and mw2 and bo if you want.


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Thursday, 07 March 2013

Never Hinted That Heath Ledger Posted That

Heath Ledger Isn t it clear that you are coming to your own conclusions about morality Heath Ledger and what is right why not take the middle man (religion and holy books) out see here. i never hinted that or posted that. palin resigns, a different vp is brought in and then mccain kicks the bucket, leaving newly chosen vp as the prez. if you had a business who line of business was something that google chose to get into, well that hard luck. so probably the week before the 17th.


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Monday, 04 February 2013

What Mean Leonardo Di Caprio Embrace Exactly

Leonardo Di Caprio The shorter the building, theless likely you are to need them. what i mean by embrace is not exactly as you may have interpreted it. Leonardo Di Caprio i think when you spread the wealth around, it good for everybody. Social listening tools in general have a very difficult time in quantifying social media roi. they still say i was their favorite cause i d laugh and play with them.


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